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Environmental parameters measurement and control systems


Environmental parameters measurement and control system designed for controlled contamination environments: modular, distributed, equipped with our graphic touch screen displays.

This advanced technology system, designed and produced by Dos&Donts, can acquire data from sensors, show real-time values on a graphic display and transmit real time to a SCADA/BMS system. Thanks to the web server, multiple displays management can be implemented.

When integrated in HAZEL®, threshold values and actions to be put in place upon reaching these values can be set: actuations, alarms, messages.


  • Analog and digital probes data acquisition and display
  • Display of data from external systems, such as BMS
  • Monitoring and on-threshold actuations when integrated in HAZEL®
  • Customized graphics on demand

Application Fields

Industrial processes control, variables monitoring, Alarm systems, Data logger


  • Modular scalable solutions.
  • Immediate operator interaction.
  • Easy integration with existing systems.
  • Event recording.
  • Control recording on demand.
  • Recessable in CleanRoom partitions.
  • Real-time data display and export

Technical Value

  • PoE power supply.
  • Reduced dimensions.
  • Wi-Fi or LAN transmission
  • LED TFT graphic display, various dimensions 3,2”; 4,7”; 7,0”
  • TCP and/or WI-FI connection.
  • MODBUS TCP communication.
  • Digital and analogue I/O.