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Integrated control systems: HAZEL® PLATFORM

Hazel® is a scalable multi-level modular platform designed and implemented by Dos&Donts.
Hazel® enables the creation of multiple control systems and the definition of interactions between them, while feeding upper systems with data and functional parameters. Hazel® platform has been developed using the most advanced electronic technologies in data acquisition, human/machine interaction, connectivity and information security. Platform HW, FW and SW modules are entirely designed and developed in Italy by Dos&Donts, a guarantee of reliability over time and of prompt support.


  • Solutions co-designed with Clients, optimized for the specific application
  • Progressively implementable solutions
  • Ease of integration with existing systems
  • User friendly interaction
  • Plant real-time controls on BMS and/or mobile devices
  • High immunity to environmental electrical noises
  • Data export according to the most used standards
  • Reduced management costs

Technical info

  • Scalable solutions with standard HW modules
  • Panel PC, Tablet and Smartphone operator interfaces
  • Applications on Ios, Android,  Windows mobile platforms
  • LAN and WiFi communication according to standards
  • Open source database
  • Optimized periodic maintenance: thanks to predictive maintenance algorithms, the system can prevent failures signalling maintenance or controls to be scheduled
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