Deliveries in Italy are free of charge for total amount payable grater than 250€

All prices shown are excluding VAT.

Only credit card payments are accepted.

Shipment will take place by express courier, within 3 business days following order placement.

Privacy Policy

Before we can accept goods for return you should fill a Goods Return Note . The GRN will be e-mailed to you and should be returned with the goods. In order to do this we will need to know some information on your request and on the nature of the fault.

If an immediate part replacement is required before we have received the goods then your must order a replacement which will be dispatched and invoiced in full. A credit will be raised when the returned items are received according to the following criteria.

Note: If you purchased the item through a distributor or wholesaler you should return the item through them. If this is not possible then please contact us. We cannot issue credit notes or refunds if you do not have an account with us.

The reasons for returns could be the followings;

1) Faulty or Suspected Faulty Product. Repairs or replacements will be FOC for in warranty items but
chargeable for out of warranty items.
2) Damaged by Customer: Repaired or replaced at customer’s cost. An estimate will be given.
3) Damaged in Transit: Full credit including carriage
4) Wrongly Supplied :Full credit including carriage
5) Wrongly Ordered: Credit for returned items less 25% handling and re-stocking charge – no credit can be given for Carriage.

Goods should be returned in their original packing if at all possible. In any case they should be complete with all accessories included in the original package. Full credit cannot be given for items that are returned damaged or incomplete.


Dos&Donts Srl guarantees that the supplied products are manufactured in accordance with the applicable specifications and are free from defects in materials and workmanship that could make them unsuitable for their specific use.

Dos&Donts Srl guarantees the performance of its products exclusively in relation to the uses, destinations, applications, tolerances, etc. expressly indicated by Dos&Donts Srl.
The warranty shall not apply in the following cases:
– removal of identification plates;
– defects and/or malfunctions attributable to the operations of setting up/testing carried out by the Buyer, directly or indirectly;
– malfunctions caused by inexperience, improper use or negligence of the Buyer and/or incorrect storage of the products;
– any service or repairs not authorized by Dos&Donts Srl, modifications and tampering performed or commissioned to be performed by the Customer (eg disassembly, alterations, replacements, etc.);
– connections to other equipments not authorized by Dos&Donts Srl;
– breakdowns of collateral equipment not supplied by Dos&Donts Srl.
The warranty does not include the replacement of parts and consumables usually subject to wear.
This warranty does not cover additional costs incurred by the Buyer as a result of the supply of defective products, in particular Dos&Donts shall not bear any recall expenses, if applicable, of the defective products and any re-shipment costs for the replaced products.

Any claim relating to defective products must be sent to Dos&Donts Srl within 8 days from the date of the defect discovery, under penalty of forfeiture. Every complaint must be communicated in writing, with the express indication of the model, the serial number (if any), the delivery date, the description of the defect and the quantity of defective products.
Following a regular claim placed by the Buyer, in accordance with the above, within a reasonable period having regard to the extent of the claim, Dos&Donts may (at its sole discretion):

a) provide (EXW) to the Buyer free products of the same quality and quantity to replace the defective items; In this case, Dos&Donts Srl may, at its own expense, demand the return of the defective products, which become its property.

b) repair the defective product at its own expense or modify the non-compliant product, carrying out the operations on-site or at its facilities. In this case, the Buyer is responsible for all transport costs for the defective and replaced product.

c) credit the Buyer with a sum equal to the value of the non-compliant products. All transports relating to operations carried out under warranty shall at Buyer’s cost and risk.

The warranty period, unless otherwise agreed, is 12 months from delivery to the Buyer and expires at the end of this term, even if the materials have not been used for any reason.
For components that Dos&Donts Srl has purchased from other suppliers, the warranty conditions applied by these suppliers are considered valid and applicable to the Buyer. Dos&Donts Srl is available to provide a copy of the aforementioned.

This warranty absorbs and supersedes any other possible liability that may originate from the supplied products: in particular the Buyer shall not be entitled to any requests for whatever damages, compensation, price reductions or termination of the contract. Dos&Donts Srl cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss, direct and/or indirect, deriving from the sale of goods and services offered (with the traditional procedure or through the online catalogue published on the website www.dos-donts.com/outlet) Dos&Donts cannot be held responsible also for delayed delivery and/or missed delivery of the product, mismatch of the goods in relation to the specifications published on the website, production losses, damage and/or loss of profit, as well as for any other fact not directly or indirectly attributable to Dos&Donts Srl.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles 1341 of the Civile Code the following clauses are expressly approved: 2) Warranty extension; 3) Warranty service; 4) Duration 5) Liability.


Dos&Donts è specializzata in soluzioni tecnologiche per il controllo e la sicurezza degli ambienti di produzione nei settori Pharma, Biotech, Ricerca, Chimico, Elettronico, Sanitario e Alimentare.

Con soluzioni specificatamente studiate per gli ambienti a contaminazione controllata, miriamo a coniugare le particolari modalità di lavoro richieste in questi ambienti con la necessaria sicurezza sia del personale che vi opera che della produzione.


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Competenza ed affidabilità di Dos&Donts sono attestate dalla soddisfazione dei nostri Clienti, che da tanti anni continuano ad accordarci la loro fiducia.