Control systems for airlocks, transfer-hatches, air showers in classified areas and ATEX atmospheres


Dos&Donts has been building and installing control systems for Clean Rooms for over 30 years and is proud of the solid leadership it has in Italy and the successful partnerships with many of the major european players.

Our interlock door systems for Clean Rooms are in widespread use all over the world. Our vast range of solutions extends from simple airlock solutions to centralized access and path control systems in Clean areas.

Dos&Donts is able to supply both standard and customized solutions composed of electronic control panels and door accessories such as: sensors, electric locks, signal systems and count-down displays which are available in an assembly kits with rapid connecting wire systems.

When integrated in  Sigma Cloud, the interlock systems can interact with other systems as access control, environmental parameters control, video streaming and other factory controls.

Clean room airlocks


  • ILOCK EASY two/four doors airlock basic control systems.
  • ILOCK MD PRO modular control systems for centralized and complex plants
  • Control systems for Transfer Hatches and Air Showers.
  • Electric and pneumatic control systems for ATEX areas.

Application Fields

Production sites in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Cosmetic, Nutraceutical, Electronics and Food industries. Research Laboratories, Hospitals, Operating Rooms and Animal Facilities.


  • A partner with over 30 years’ experience as a market leader.
  • Design and realization complying with ISO Standards.
  • Certified laboratory tested solutions in accordance with industry standards.
  • Wide range of basic and customized solutions.
  • Complete systems supplied in assembly kits.
  • Highly qualified help desk technical support.
  • On-site installation and technical assistance upon request.
  • Investment value maintained over time.
  • Technological updates.

Technical Value

  • Embedded cutting edge technology.
  • “Plug and Play” connection system for non-technical installers.
  • User-friendly operating parameters set-up which does not require specialized intervention.
  • High level integration with BMS.
  • Back compatibility for the field (wiring and accessories).
  • Remote control and maintenance ability.