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Energy consumption monitoring systems

Fluxus  energy detector unit has been designed by Dos&Donts to prevent possible deviation from expected energy consumption due to faults or decay of machineries or  elactrical/thermal systems. 

This device is suitable for installation in cleanrooms environments  and thanks to its graphic display provides a real time indication of the electrical consumption.  The reduced thickness and the high IP degree ensure an ideal flush  mounting installation. Data are stored in the local memory and can be transferred realtime to the BMS or any other external system 

Fluxus detectors combined with Sigma cloud platform allows the monitoring of different energy sources with the possibility of setting  warning tresholds and interacting with other factory systems 


  • Real time indication of the electrical consumption 
  • Data available real time to external systems (BMS or others) 
  • Monitoring of different energy sources and warning thresholds settable when in Sigma Cloud 
  • Real time information to the Site Manager on any event.  
  • Historical event log for data analysis and statistics 

Technical info

  • Cutting edge smart controllers  with TCP and/or WI-FI data link. 
  • Stand alone or on line operations 
  • LED TFT graphic display, various sizes 3,2”; 4,7”; 7,0” 
  • PoE power supply or 24 V DC. 
  • Reduced thickness for recessing in a partition wall. 
  • Digital  and analog I/O for local auxiliary controls 
linee semaforo