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Messaging systems

The system enables widespread transmission of interactive visual and acoustic messages. Alert, instruction, information and many other messages can be transmitted in all or selected departments or locations of the production environment. 

Designed for installation in contamination controlled environments, our interactive displays enable reactions to messages as for instance acknowledgment and performance of specific actions.  

The displays can operate stand alone, as terminals of a BMS, or can be combined with Sigma Orchestrator to provide complex and interactive messaging when required by process or environment events, alarms, warnings.    

The system makes synchronized message broadcasting across all factory departments easy and flexible 


  • Real time events acknowledgment and reactions 
  • Historical events&actions log for data analysis  
  • Information immediately available where needed  

Technical info

  • Cutting edge smart controllers  with TCP and/or WI-FI data link. 
  • LED TFT graphic display, various sizes 3,2”; 4,7”; 7,0” 
  • Stand alone or on line operations 
  • PoE power supply or 24 V DC. 
  • Reduced thickness for recessing in a partition wall. 
  • Aux Digital  and analog I/O for probes,  sensors and local controls. 
linee semaforo