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Fumigation control system for cleanrooms decontamination

Fumigation of sterile areas is a common periodic disinfection process in bio-pharma facilities.

Dos&Donts has designed an ad-hoc, comprehensive solution to meet fumigation requirements, pursuing maximum quality: an automated and programmable system which enables an effective and safe fumigation, compliant to FDA CFR 21 part 11

The operational sequence required by a proper fumigation process is handled by SIGMA, Dos&Donts’ Orchestrator, which coordinates the different systems involved, managing also all potential anomalies by means of appropriate actions and alerts, so that the positive sequence completion ensures the smooth execution of the full decontamination process.

The solution is proposed also in a base version, where only some of the involved systems are coordinated by Dos&Donts’ Orchestrator, which interacts with the BMS as an integral part of the overall system.


  • Implementation of the procedures defined by-design
  • Automation of the required operational sequence
  • Anomalies and alarms management
  • Automated and manual doors in the area management
  • Access Control and TVCC systems integration for area verification

Technical info

  • Control signals for HVAC and noozles
  • Optical-acoustic signals
  • Alarms notification via App, Email, SMS
  • Parameters configuration via webapp
  • Events Log for audit trail CRF21 part 11 compliant
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