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Environmental parameters monitoring and control systems

The Environmental Parameters Monitoring and Control System is designed for controlled contamination environments: modular, distributed, equipped with our graphic touch screen displays is flexible and easy to use. 

This advanced technology system, designed and produced by Dos&Donts, can acquire data from sensors, show real-time values on a graphic display and transmit real time to a SCADA/BMS system.

When integrated in Sigma Cloud, the parameters control system can interact with other systems as access control, video streaming, interlocks and other factory controls. 



  • Local control of critical parameters with alarms
  • Prompt email information to Site Managers
  • Critical parameter available real-time
  • Log of historical events immediately available

Technical info

  • Cutting edge smart controllers  with TCP and/or WI-FI data link.
  • LED TFT graphic display, various sizes 3,2”; 4,7”; 7,0”
  • Stand alone or on line operations
  • PoE power supply or 24 V DC.
  • Reduced thickness for recessing in a partition wall.
  • Aux Digital  and analog I/O for probes,  sensors and local controls.
linee semaforo