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Cleanroom door connection systems

Dos&Donts offers a wide range of door control and connection devices in addition to control systems.

Every solution is designed basing on user requirements and is perfectly integrated in the door frame. The various accessories can be equipped with quick and safe connections to the control panel. Solutions are available that integrate the door-lock with proximity sensors to simplify and optimize wiring.

Dos&Donts takes care of the details. Since the early 2000s, Dos&Donts has developed quick and reliable connection systems for door accessories that have been adopted even by several competitors.

Dos&Donts offers assembly kits that are complete and permit system installation by even non-technical personnel to reduce errors and loss of time.


  • Installation time saving
  • Easy replaceable in case of maintenance

Technical info

  • High mechanical holding force.
  • Locks available in security or fail-safe versions.
  • Mechanical durability.
  • Quick plug-in connection upon request.
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