Video streaming systems


In production processes it’s sometimes important to capture the specific instant at which a particular event occurs. Dos&Donts has designed a tailored video streaming system with CleanRooms cameras, fit for integration with other detection systems in order to provide the BMS with real-time images of any critical or potentially dangerous situation.
If integrated in HAZEL®, event-driven actuations can be defined: video streaming can be for instance activated in case of out-of-range environmental parameters, equipment malfunctioning, production variances, …


  • Smart cameras for critical production environments as CleanRooms
  • Live streaming
  • Motion detection
  • Events recording
  • Time scheduled recording

Application Fields

CleanRooms, Operating theaters, Research laboratories, Contamination Controlled Environments


  • Real-time supervision of what happens remotely
  • Events occurrence triggers recording
  • Production process monitoring
  • Recording scheduled only when needed

Technical Value

  • Cameras engineered for CleanRooms, flush mounting
  • Resistance to detergents surface
  • Integration with access control
  • WiFi and LAN communication
  • Video streaming activated by external events
  • Motion detector with alarm generation