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Industrial clocks systems

A precise and synchronized indication of time along the different steps of the manufacturing process is a basic requirement for Pharma production environments.
To respond to this demand, Dos&Donts has designed Hazel®Tempus, an accurate smart wall-clock specifically conceived to meet the requirements of critical environments such as CleanRooms.
Designed according to "Industry 4.0" criteria, it enables easy synchronization and integration with external systems while providing actuation functionalities.
The clock is equipped with a large and bright 4 or 6-digit LED display, indicating hours and minutes in a 12 or 24 hours format plus seconds and date when in 6-digits version; it has a reduced thickness (41 mm) which makes it easily recessable flush to the wall and is highly resistant to common sanitizing agents. 

When integrated in Sigma Cloud, the clock system can interact with other systems as access control, environmental parameters control, video streaming, interlocks and other factory controls. 

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  • Designed for critical environments
  • Process timings always properly recorded
  • Data consistency in the different process phases
  • Prompt advice at precise moments: warning and alarms management

Technical info

  • AISI304 stainless steel and glass front panel
  • Display protected by a frame coplanar glass
  • High efficiency LED display
  • High IP grade
  • NTP or BMS time syncronization
  • MODBUS/TCP or WiFi data link (on demand)
  • Auxiliary I/O for alarms and remote control
  • Real-time information emailed in case of missing synchronization 

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