Hazel®. Control systems for controlled environments in the Industry 4.0

Hazel® systems are advanced technological solutions for the control, safety and security of production-environments in the Industry 4.0.
Designed for controlled environments, Hazel® systems are composed of a series of intelligent modules, each dedicated to a specific job and able to communicate with the others.
Each module can work by its own in stand-alone mode, or can be connected with other modules to create complete and easy scalable systems.

All data collected by each unit are always available and transmitted in real-time to upper systems.
An adaptive software enables the Hazel® systems simple and intuitive configuration and the data management.
The range of Hazel® solutions extends from interlocks and access controls to environmental parameters control, from energy monitoring and light controls to interactive graphical communication, from manufacturing video-control to wall- clock systems and more.
Hazel® solutions can also work togheter, thanks to the interoperability offered by Sigma Cloud.

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