Industrial Intercom Systems


Production environments as critical as CleanRooms require a highly reliable communication platform, able to adequately support operators and effectively meet requirements . Dos&Donts provides traditional and VOIP audio solutions, proposing a selection of the best intercom systems available on the market in partnership with producers. Audio quality, IP technology, System modularity and fit for the specific environmental conditions are characterizing features of all proposed solutions. Our Engineers are trained and qualified by manufactures and have gained a deep experience in system configuration, set up and installation.


  • Analogue wall free-hand telephone stations
  • VOIP wall free-hands intercom stations
  • Intercom systems with SIP server
  • Desk stations
  • Special loudspeakers and accessories.  

Application Fields

Production environments, CleanRooms, Hospitals, Bio laboratories


  • Free hand operations, flush mounting stations
  • Anti bacterial surface, resistance to detergents
  • Easy operations thanks to graphic display
  • Flexible and simple configuration
  • System easily upgradeable over time
  • High audio quality  

Technical Value

  • Stations specifically designed for CleanRooms
  • Full-duplex communication
  • DTMF or software set-up basing on models
  • Advanced security features
  • Auxiliary relays for alarms
  • PoE power supply