Smart rapid roll doors


Rapid roll doors specifically designed for industrial environments, fit for integration with Dos&Donts interlock systems.
When integrated in HAZEL®, the smart controlled doors can interact with other systems such as AGVs, access controls, environmental parameters controls, clocks, alarms, video streaming, …
Dimensions optimized on demand, wide range of colors, finishes and coatings customization according to environmental and usage requirements characterize all our doors.


  • Rapid roll for Clean Rooms
  • Rapid roll for food industry
  • Rapid roll for laboratories
  • Rapid roll for roller conveyors
  • Rapid roll for wharehouses
  • Automatic swing or sliding doors
  • Sealed doors

Application Fields

Personnel and material access in chemical, pharma, food, cosmetics, biotech laboratories.


  • Robust, reliable automation tested in thousands of applications.
  • Sheet recovering and restoring in case of accidental impact.
  • Integration with Dos&Donts interlock control systems
  • Optional remote controls
  • Optional LAN/WI-FI connection
  • Installation in accordance with best practices in compliance with the 2006/42 / EC directive
  • Turn-key solutions on demand, complete of mechanics and automation


Technical Value

For more technical details please contact Dos&Donts sales service.